Be our agent today!

To qualify as an PrintBar Agent the Applicant must be in one of the following industries:

  • Graphic Design Companies / Freelancers
  • Printing Companies
  • Stationery Shops / Koperasi Sekolah
  • Advertising Agencies / Signage Companies
  • Wedding Agency
  • Marketing Agency
  • Brokers / Startup Company
  • Gift & Souvenir Shops
  • Corporate Buyers


  • Exclusive Agent pricing
  • Fast Services
  • Instant quotes & orders for your clients
  • Up to date product information and photos
  • Access your details via “My Account” 24/7/365
  • Malaysia Wide Delivery


How to become an Printbar Agent

Step 1 : Completed the online registration form.

Step 2 : An Activation email will be sent to your inbox within 48hrs. Click on the link to activate the Account.

Step 3 : Depositing Cash Advance of minimum RM200 into your account as credits.

Step 4 : Once the Account has been activated you can Login and place order!

*This top up amount will be record and 100% use on your own order only, no registration fees or any hidden charges will be deduct from it.


*The data you enter on your form is not sold, leased, or distributed to third parties
*We will never intentionally disclose any Agent personal identification information to any third party